Artists and Designers

Posted on May 30, 2024 by admin

The Artists and Designers behind the Glass

Here you can read about the artists and designers who have designed the glass.

Wilke Adolfsson — Master of Glassblowing.
Efva Attling — The jewellery designer has moved to crystal.
Monica Backström — Nature is the vast source of inspiration.
Olle Brozén — Design with inspiration from nature and cars.
Anna Ehrner — Shimmering veils and sparkling crystal.
Björn Ekegren — Design art glass sculptures in sandcast technique.
Kjell Engman — Innovator in a world of mythological images
Erikshyttan — Masters of Colors.
Astrid Gate — Unique design, Irreplaceable and Full of Life.
Bill Geary — An American design influence in the Kingdom of Glass with new and fresh ideas.
Margareta Hennix — A colorful woman.
Ulrica Hydman-Vallien — Unfettered designer, powerful primitivist and nature lover.
Jan Johansson — Elegant cut crystal.
Micke Johansson — Young master of glassblowing.
Ulf Johansson — Mix traditional art glass with new ideas and techniques.
Erika Lagerbielke — Clear glass with blue tones is her favorite style.
Anne Nilsson — Simple, but still challenging. Restrained, but still warm and personal glass.
Martti Rytkönen — Pure, clear crystal is his imaginative medium of choice.
Ingegerd Råman — Design of simple clear lines.
Gunnel Sahlin — Elegant yet at the same time gentle and fluid.
Lars Sestervik — The shadow is the human´s secret double, an image of her soul.
Rolf Sinnemark — The Man Behind the Glass.
Ardy Struwer — Playful, Dreamlike and Magnificent designer and painter.
Strömbergshyttan — One Studio housing three Masters of Glassblowing.
Helén Tapper — The Language of Form of Pure Line.
Bertil Vallien — A Renewer of Swedish Glass.
Göran Wärff — A Searcher for Freedom with his Heart in Kosta.
Ann Wåhlström — Designer that challenges in black, white and clear glass – and pink.
Catti Åsélius Lidbeck — Courageous – Colorful – Creative design.