Posted on May 30, 2024 by admin

Time Has Not Flown

The feeling of discovering the imprint in time. To perceive the tradition that lives in the backbone of the works – in the glasshome, the tools, the ovens, and the experienced hands that shape and cut. To feel the power of the will of the forests.

At Johansfors Glassworks, founded in 1891, there is a calm atmosphere of industrious enterprise. To this day, one can see the framed black and white photographs on the wall, testimony to the generations that have worked here at the glassworks.

The glasshome had four workshops and masters from Kosta, Boda and Åfors. The work was a condition of life for the people of the surrounding village. Production consisted mainly of colored glass, followed by more and more crystal with engraving and cutting. Pieces were created with simple tools in the heat of the ovens that stand today as proof of advanced craftsmanship. A number of these pieces have been exhibited in the crystal museum, situated on the glassworks´ premises.

The traditions live on and build a foundation for today´s new thinking and designing.